Bridal gowns

You are looking for the perfect gown for your wedding, which will one of a most beautiful days of your life, but unfortunately you doesn’t find the dress of your dream cause of the overly conventional shapes of the ones you saw in the classical wedding stores ? You find the white annoying and you try to find something original ? Perspephoneia could make you an tailored bridal gown according to your desires and your bugdet. She could make you the unique and special gown which will sublimate you for a unique and special day.

Historical inspired dress, colorful, corseted … all your ideas can come to life !

You have any questions ? You want more informations ? Or you want to talk about your project, your vision of your perfect dress, have an estimate price without commitment, don’t hesitate to contact me on or by the contact form of the site.

Gallery of Bridal Gowns

Evening Dresses

You are a bridesmaid and you want to do honor to the newlyweds but you dosen’t find the good evening dress ? Looking for something less conventional ? The color theme is particular, and you cannot find the clothes in the right shade ? You are invited to a wedding but you don’t known what to wear, or simply because the wedding theme is so original (historical inspired theme, fantasy theme, corseted, etc.) that you cannot find anything that could match to it ?

Talk about your desires and budget to Persephoneia in order to design and make you the ideal evening dress. All your ideas can come to life !

Don’t hesitate to contact me on or by the contact form of the site, if you have any questions, if you want more informations or if you want to talk about your project, your vision of your evening dress and have an estimate price without commitment.

Gallery of Evening Dresses

Whatever your project, Persephoneia and you will discuss together as the different stages of creation of the garment so that the result is up to your desires. Persephoneia is committed to ensuring that your project will be unique and of high quality and according to your budget.


The corset is a precious object, a case for the body of the woman (or the man). It sculpts, models, polishes curves gently, in a word it sublimates !

Corsets shape your body by bringing out all its femininity, sublimate your curves, your waist is refined, your chest is supported. It can be worn alone or perfectly embellish all your outfits from the simplest to the most sophisticated.

corset persephone

Descriptions and prices of corsets

Persephoneia corsets are always composed of at least one layer of coutil, a corsetry fabric that ensures strength, and are boned with a mix of flat and spiral steel bones that allow optimal comfort (the bones can also be in plastic for more thinness). The lacing on the back of the corset is made of steel eyelets with washers and a cotton lace cord, the stronger.

Corset’s shape are varied, more or less covering, long or short, sober, very decorated, which tight the waist or not… the variations are infinite, which makes each corset unique !

  • Undebust – (Standart Sizes : From 125€ – Pattern with your own measurements : From 175€)

Underbusts are corsets covering only under the chest to the hips. They are more easily portable everyday, on a blouse, a top, a dress … But also give more refinement to an outfit for an occasion, or even wear under clothing to refine the silhouette. They give a better freedom of movement than overbusts.)

  • Overbusts – (Standart Sizes : From 225€ – Pattern with your own measurements : From 275€)

Overbusts are the corsets covering the chest. They can have a straight neckline, heart, pointed … Wearing a modesty on the back (panel under the lacing to cover the skin) is recommended.

Options for corsets

All Persephoneia’s custom corsets are made with you ! Tell me your wishes and I will create the corset you dream of !

Included in price :

  • Fashion fabric (if less than 12€/m)
  • Coutil for internal fabric
  • Steel bones (flat and spiral)
  • Busc for front opening (or lacing or hooks)
  • Back lacing (silver, golden or black eyelets, black or white coton or satin lacing)
  • Coton or satin bias for finishing, hand stitched
  • Strong waist tape

Options :

You can add some options to your corset like bones case covering (20€), floating lining (25€), modesty panel  (15€), dyed cotton lace cord (15€). You can also add lace (according to the price of the lace + 10€ for machine stitched), rhinestones and sequins or dying the fabric, solid or gradient (price of the dye + 15€) or all the decorations  you can imagine !

I can sew a mock up to check your mensurements to be sure your corset will fit you well (35€ + shipping).


Have you ever dreamed of exploring the past ? To personify a french Comtess, a Viking warrior, Scarlett O’Hara ? Or why not a Zombie ? I can make your dream real !

For a special occasion, LARP, Grand Siècle day, Ball, theme wedding, party, Halloween, photo shoot,… or just for your pleasure, we can talk together about your unique project of historical costume, fantasy, cosplay…

I can also help you define your project, offer sketches and sources of inspiration … then complete this with a free estimate with no obligation.

Casual Fashion

Do you want to stand out, wear unique clothes made to measure only for you by a French designer? You are in the right place !

I can create for you the dress, the tunic, the skirt … which corresponds to your style, whether modern, vintage, bohemian or chic…

Whatever your project, we will discuss together as the different stages of creation of the garment so that the result is up to your desires.


Sewn Accessories

You wish a personalized accessory, derived from one present on the shop or entirely imagined by you, submit me your project  !

For example I can create a muff with your favorite color or matching your winter coat, a lace jewel ornament to go with your new corset, Steampunk shoes covers, gothic lace mittens, customize shoes for an event…

Ideas are endless, don’t hesitate to contact me to make your dream real !


Although it is not my main activity, I can create some fantasy jewels with beads, aluminium wire,  metal filigrees, Fimo clay, feathers or leather…

Maybe we can imagine a jewels adornment matching your evening dress, a necklace for your Viking costume or earrings looking like those of your cosplay character.